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For Prospective Foster and Adoptive Parents

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SaintA is always seeking committed, loving foster and adoptive families to care for children who need it most. To receive more information about foster care or adoption, please fill out an information request.

Prospective Foster Parent Information Sessions
Ready to take the next step? Attend an information session! These meetings, held multiple times a month, are designed to give you the opportunity to explore your interest and get all of your questions answered. To register, view our online calendar.

For Current Foster and Adoptive Parents

Foster Parent Mentors
No one understands being a foster parent better than a foster parent. Connect with someone’s who’s been in your shoes by getting matched with an experienced SaintA foster parent mentor. Contact the Foster Parent Mentor Program at, or talk to your Licensing Specialist.

Mentor Meet Ups
All SaintA caregivers are invited to monthly playdates, networking events and gatherings led by our knowledgeable SaintA foster parent mentors to promote a sense of support and connection among our foster care community. These events are intended to provide an opportunity to share ideas, techniques and information about community resources amongst those who know best! Keep an eye out for your invitation in SaintA’s closed Facebook group or in your email.

Hair and Skin Care Consultations
Consultations are led by a trained SaintA mentor who has experience working with hair- and skincare for children from various ethnic backgrounds. The mentor will provide in-home, one-on-one consultations to any foster parent who accepts placement of a child and needs assistance in properly caring for the child’s hair and skin. You may have questions about which products to use, how often to bathe/wash the child’s hair, or how to get started with basic braiding and styling. These questions will all be answered during hair and skin care consultation. The mentor will even provide a supply of products to get you started! Contact the Foster Parent Mentor Program at or ask your licensing worker to submit a referral on your behalf.

Quarterly Networking and Recognition Events
Quarterly networking events are held as a way for SaintA to say “thank you” to our amazing caregivers for all of the hard work and dedication that they show to our kiddos every day. You will have the opportunity to engage in a free event hosted by SaintA where the foster parents can mingle and the children can play. Our recurring events include Candy Cane Connection for the holiday season and a Pool Party in the Summer. Look out for your invitation in SaintA’s closed Facebook group or in your email.

Foster and Kinship Navigation Program
The foster and kinship navigation team provides foster parents with a variety of services to enhance their ability to meet the children’s needs. If you feel you need additional support in any way, please contact Nikeyah Flagg at 414.604.5619 or ask your Licensing Specialist about how to get a foster and kinship navigator assigned.

Children’s Mobile Crisis Team
If your foster child is experiencing a behavioral or emotional problem that you cannot manage alone, and are unable to get in contact with someone on the child’s team, contact Children’s Mobile Crisis Team anytime at 414.257.7621 to receive support from trained therapists.

Respite Care
Sometimes, foster parents need a break, too. Ask your Licensing Specialist about utilizing a respite care provider for those times when you need an approved temporary caregiver for your foster child. There is no shame in taking a short break, having a date night with your significant other, or allowing yourself some time to focus on your own caregiver capacity.

Foster Parent Discount Program
SaintA partners with many organizations and agencies in our community, so our foster parents and children can enjoy discounted rates for activities and services. If you don’t already have a discount card and/or the list of discounted providers, ask your licensing worker about this amazing resource!

Ongoing Training
Training is one of the best ways to get and stay prepared while fostering. And it all happens in a relaxed and understanding environment. For dates and times of our training schedule, view our online calendar.

Foster Parent Facebook Groups
Connect directly with other foster parents in a private Facebook group just for SaintA families, or a larger community of Milwaukee foster parents through Connecting Bridges.

Cathy’s Collection
A grassroots boutique of new, donated items for kids and youth in foster care, Cathy’s Collection allows case managers, foster care staff, and foster parents can stop by and pick out an item for a child or family they’re meeting for the first time, or to help a child celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, reunification, or adoption.

Clothing Resources
If you are in need of clothing for a foster child in your care, you can obtain new or like-new items free of charge at Chosen’s Family Closet (262-724-6736) or lightly used items from Robyn’s Nest (414-231-4820).

Coalition for Children, Youth & Families
The Coalition provides support to people who are changing kids’ lives through foster care and adoption by connection them with resources throughout their journey.

Referral Program
Happy foster parents are our greatest recruiters, and we want to make sure you are recognized as such! If you know someone who is interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent, please have them call us, Toll-free, at 855-GROW-HOPE and mention your name. As part of SaintA’s referral bonus program, you could receive swag, gifts cards and other financial rewards as a “thank you” for your effort.

Child Care
We understand that many of our foster parents work and will need to utilize child care. The Department of Children and Families uses the YoungStar program to evaluate and rate child-care providers. We encourage foster parents to ask about YoungStar ratings when deciding on a child-care provider and we encourage foster parents to use child-care providers with ratings of 3 or higher. Many foster parents may also qualify for WI daycare assistance for their foster children if they work outside of the home.

Programs that our foster parents have had success with are: Early Childhood Education
SaintA values early childhood education. Knowing that foster children may have had experiences that could have delayed their development, we want to provide every opportunity for foster children aged 3-5 to stay on track or get ahead. Therefore, we ask that every eligible foster child be enrolled in an early education program such as Head Start. Information for these programs are contained in the links below and if you have any questions about enrollment, please contact your ongoing case manager or licensing worker. Helpful Links
Helpful Links Regarding Vaccines Support from Licensing Specialists and Ongoing Case Managers is provided through home visits, phone calls, and emails.