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October/November Newsletter 2020

Featured  7EI: Regulation

Regulation is a trauma informed intervention that helps kiddos mange their behavior and emotions. Practices can involve taking a moment for deep breathing and mindfulness or can be full-body activities.

The kids may be doing virtual learning, in person, or a hybrid of the two right now. You may be working from home, or back to the office. All scenarios are stressful, and it’s important that as parents, we mirror the behavior we want our children to follow.

For you, regulation may be yoga, journaling, exercising, cleaning or whatever relaxes you the most. Here are some 
more examples, with links to podcasts, books and apps. For kiddos, it may be many of the same things plus specific games and activities like coloring or doing puzzles. Here are some activities you can try at home.

Foster Parents Rock!
Meet the Reichenbergers By Merranda Houston

When it comes to shared parenting, Lisa and Cory Reichenberger are foster parents who “just get it.” With multiple years of experience in the Child Protective Services field, Lisa came to fostering with a knowledge of Trauma Informed Care and the Child Welfare system that helped the couple understand the value of maintaining ties to birth parents.

Unlike most foster parents, the couple started their journey through a child-specific placement, where they knew the child’s previous caregivers and family dynamic. Their empathy and understanding helped them to manage behaviors stemming from the young man’s prior trauma, and he was eventually able to  transition into his own home. They maintain a relationship with him to this day.

With two young daughters of their own, Lisa and Cory had to make some changes to their home and busy lifestyle to continue with their journey as foster parents, but say the effort was well worth it. The family has continued to open their home to children in need, working hard to support a reunification with parents and guardians.

“Children want to be with their parents no matter what the circumstances are,” Lisa explains. “If we can help facilitate that safely, then that is what we want to do.”

Years of parenting experience have helped the Reichenbergers maintain healthy relationships with birth parents. And though they never shy away from difficult or uncomfortable conversations, their patience and great sense of humor help them through any stressful situations.

“We just ask them to be open and honest with us, and have assured them that we are not here to judge, only to help,” says Lisa.

We thank the Reichenberg family for their inspiring work, and always being true advocates for what is in the best interest of the child!

Bingo Time!

Have you been participating in Foster Parent Bingo this month?
Our Caregiver Coordinators went to work creating a bingo sheet to encourage you all to spread the word about foster care. We know that there is no better spokesperson for fostering than foster parents themselves. So, we thought why not reward you all for using the power of social media and word of mouth. There’s still a few days left for you to win some cool prizes, so make sure you download
your bingo card! And if you can’t join in on the fun this month, stay tuned more opportunities to get involved and win. Also, remember recruitment isn’t just about prizes. The need is great year-round. We always need more awesome foster parents like you!

SaintA Travels: Deb
While the number of kids in care has continued to increase, the number of homes in Wisconsin has stalled. We are on the road to change that with our ongoing series, SaintA Travels.

Meet Deb. She has given a loving and safe home to multiple teen boys in the Waukesha area. Learn about their journey on our YouTube Channel.

Cathy’s Collection
Cathy Miller spent twenty years of her life investing in children through foster care, adopting six beautiful children and housing more than 70. The spirit of her unconditional love lives on thanks to your donations to Cathy’s Collection.

By donating items from 
our Amazon Wishlist — ranging from fun (toys, toys, toys) to practical (backpacks and notebooks) to necessary (diapers) — you can bring joy and comfort to a child in foster care.

Cathy’s husband Charles caries on her memory as he raises their family. You can now view their story online at TMJ4’s Positively Milwaukee.

Emergency Reimbursement Guide
We’ve heard the emergency rates were a tad confusing, so we hope this can help clear up any confusion.

Daytime Rate
New detentions between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM are considered a Daytime Emergency Placement. Even if the foster parent receives a call after 5:00PM, it still counts as a Daytime Emergency because the referral came to the Placement Team BEFORE 5:00PM.

An emergency change of placement request, during the day, would not generate an emergency payment for a foster family.

  • AGES 0-4: $25/day/child + monthly base rate + CANS

  • AGES 5-21: $30/day/child + monthly base rate + CANS

After-Hours Rate
When SaintA receives a placement referral (new detention or emergency change of placement request) weekdays between the hours of 5:01PM and 7:59AM and any time on weekends, it is considered an After-Hours Emergency Placement.

  • AGES 0-4: $30/child/day + monthly base rate + CANS

  • AGES 5-11: $35/child/day + monthly base rate + CANS

Foster Parent Support Groups
Every Friday, SaintA hosts a virtual support group where experts join us to discuss topics important to you. From homeschooling, to regulation, to time management, we’ve got you covered. If you tune in live, the sessions even count toward your required training credits!

View previous sessions and read recap stories at

Fall Fun!
Fall in Wisconsin is always great, filled with cool weather, beautiful colored trees, and PUMPKINS!! Even during the tough times we have faced this year, outdoor activities with family are a great way to enjoy each other a bit more. One family favorite is a visit to local pumpkin farms and apple orchards. Here is a list of farms to enjoy with your family this Fall in the Milwaukee area.

Upcoming Events

Getting buckets of candy and dressing up in costumes is a thrilling activity for children, but trick-or-treating has been canceled within the City of Milwaukee due to COVID-19 concerns. For our families who celebrate Halloween, there are still ways to have fun at home! Here are some creative alternatives for Fall festivities. 

Nov 25 – Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a time for yummy food and family fun. Here are some turkey themed activities to try with the family.

Native American Heritage Month
Did you know November is Native American Heritage Month? Most people probably don’t, it didn’t become official until 2019! Indigenous communities face high disparities when it comes to health, housing, education and other socioeconomic issues and Indigenous children are overrepresented in foster care. Although Natives are underrepresented in many aspects of life, their culture is still very much vibrant, unique and alive. Molly of Denali is a great PBS show that features a Native Alaskan girl. The popular series, Avatar the last Airbender, features two characters — Katara and Sokka — based off the Inuit people (native to Canada and Alaska).

Happy Holidays!
As we head into the last few months of the year, it’s time to prepare for the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, or anything else you or a child in your care may celebrate. These next few months can be times of happiness, love and family, but for many youth in care and biological families, holiday season can bring unwanted stress and fear. Here are some great tips for celebrating the holidays with children in foster care.