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How to Potty Train With 5 Easy Tricks

Potty training is a major milestone for kiddos and parents alike. It can be tricky, but experienced foster parent Nancy Montour recently shared with us her best tricks and tips to help you and your child tackle the toilet. 

  1. Make potty training an “attractive” experience. The kiddos can “decorate” the toilet with stickers or get a cool potty seat or stool to make time in the bathroom a little more fun.
  2. This one is for boys. Have them throw a few cheerios in the toilet and let them aim for the cheerios.
  3. For the girls, try the sundress method. Potty train girls outside in your yard wearing a sundress, with no diaper. Encourage and explain to them to go potty in an outdoor or portable toilet. If accidents happen, there will be no mess and you can catch errors and correct them as they occur.
  4. Give warnings for transitions to and from toilet, especially if your children are invested in another activity. Try to keep the time increments small. Example – “we will try the potty in 1 minute.”
  5. Positive reinforcement is a must. Always praise the child when they successfully use the bathroom! Positive reinforcements can look like clapping, verbal praise or a small treat. Make sure the child enjoys the reinforcement placed.

Okay, that’s more than 5, but we thought you deserved one more tip!

  • Be consistent. When you’re practicing the above tips, make sure you’re doing so routinely. Make a schedule and follow it at the same time everyday, also remind your daycare and other caregivers to follow the same method that you are using at home.