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Cathy’s Collection’s Best Customer

A First-Hand Account of a Lasting Legacy
By Nancy Nedland, Caregiver Support Specialist 

I feel like I might be Cathy’s Collection’s best customer. As a Caregiver Support Specialist at SaintA, I meet with families who are often reaching beyond their means in order to provide care for children in their homes. When placements occur suddenly or moves are unexpected, families need resources quickly. 

Cathy’s Collection is such a gift! I can stop by on my way out the door to a visit to pick up a few things that may have been requested by the foster family – or maybe grab something they haven’t thought of yet, but will surely appreciate.

It’s convenient and being given some of the supplies to get started with infants and little ones allows the caregivers to spend their limited resources on other needs for their family. 

Necessities, Gifts, and Toys!

Cathy’s Collection is also a great source for regulation toys for kiddos who are being cared for by people other than their parents. These outlets for dysregulated energy are essential to a child’s ability to cooperate with caregivers. And, sensory toys can help foster parents experience a perspective shift toward being trauma informed.

On occasion, I have also been able to stop by Cathy’s Collection to help aunties, grandmas and grandpas get the child in their home “just a little bit extra” for a holiday or birthday celebration. I’m so grateful for Cathy and the legacy she has left in this amazing, in-house resource.

Thanks for reading! And now, I need to drop off some books for a young boy who recently moved from a relative placement to a foster home.

He just finished fourth grade and reads at a ninth grade level and the books I find for him (at Cathy’s Collection, of course) will be a great way for him to enjoy some lighter reading in his free time this summer!

Read more about the collection’s namesake, Cathy Miller, here.