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October Recruitment Bingo

We know one of the most effective ways for people to learn about Foster Care is by word of mouth. After all, who better to hear about fostering than from than Foster Parents?

This October, all current foster families are invited to join us for Recruitment Bingo, a fun and interactive event to help recruit new foster parents, share ideas with other SaintA caregivers, and engage in some fun activities as a family.

How to Play

Simply download the official SaintA Recruitment Bingo Card and complete activities listed on individual squares. For each one you complete, mark off the corresponding square. Mark five squares in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), and you’ll receive a prize!

Plus, anyone who completes a “COVERALL” by completing ALL squares on the card will be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing!

The Rules

Since many of the activities are tied to using social media, PLEASE make sure that ALL confidential information and/or photos of foster children are not to be shared publicly.

For quick reference:
  • GREEN boxes are to be posted on your PERSONAL social media.
  • PURPLE boxes are to be posted in the PRIVATE SaintA Foster Parents Facebook Group.
  • WHITE boxes are activities separate from social media — simply send us a picture, screenshot, or message via email.
Keep an eye on the SaintA Facebook Page throughout the month of October. We will be re-posting certain videos and information to make it easy for you to re-share! If you would prefer not to wait, you can also email the Caregiver Coordinators directly to request any links needed.

Some squares are repeated on the card (or very similar to each other). For these, you have the option to complete that activity multiple times, and can select which square you’d like it to count toward.

When you believe you’ve completed a BINGO, please email us at with screenshots of all social media posts, pictures or other information related to the completed activities included (and let us know if you help taking a screenshot on your phone or computer).

Please be sure to let us know your name on Facebook is anything other than the name on your Foster Care License, and tag SaintA on all social media posts. Consider using the hashtag #FosterNow to help us track the posts, as well!

Reach out to us with any questions at We are so excited to see what you guys come up with!

The B’s The I’s
  • I1: Carve a pumpkin promoting Foster Care/SaintA and share on your personal social media page (feel free to use #FosterNow on your post).
  • I2: Showcase your family’s helpful calming techniques with a photo to the SaintA Foster Parents Facebook Group
  • I3: Do you know someone who would be a great foster parent? Refer them to SaintA! When they sign up and attend an online Info Session, you will receive credit for this square!
  • I4: How has being a foster parent impacted your life? Why you continue to foster? Share your experiences on your personal social media using #FosterNow (keep in mind not to disclose any private/identifying information).
  • I5: Have you referred someone who has become licensed in 2020? If so, send us an email specifying the name of the person you referred, and we will confirm!
The N’s
  • N1: Follow the SaintA Twitter Page (let us know your handle)!
  • N2: If you aren’t already part of the SaintA Foster Parents Facebook Group, join us! Already a member? Consider this a Free Square (just be sure to let us know your name on Facebook if it is something other than the first/last name on your license)!
  • N3: Know somebody in the community who’d be open to helping us recruit through their workplace, church, school, daycare, or something else? Connect them with the Caregiver Coordinators!
  • N4: Share the Basics of Fostering module on your personal page. Keep your eye out for this to be posted on the SaintA Facebook page for you to re-share or feel free to create your own post!
  • N5: Are you on the placement team’s list to accept emergency placements? If not, are you willing to be? Let us know!
The G’s
  • G1: Donate money or new/like-new items to Cathy’s Collection! See a list of our most-needed items on our Amazon Wish List.
  • G2: Share a post on your personal social media page showcasing your SaintA swag – this can include shirts, face masks, mugs, water bottles, bags, coolers, or whatever else you may have acquired during your time with us so far! (Feel free to use #FosterNow and tag SaintA)
  • G3: Share another SaintA Travels video on your personal Facebook page.
  • G4: Did you receive a #FosterNow Yard Sign? Put it up and share a photo on your personal social media page (Tag us and let us know!)
  • G5: Do you have any friends or family members who would make good foster parents or who are interested in learning more about becoming licensed? Host a virtual Foster Parent Party so our Caregiver Coordinators can provide a short presentation and answer any questions they may have about foster care.
The O’s
  • O1: Recruit someone who is interested in attending an online Info Session – make sure that they specify that you have referred them!
  • O2: Are you following SaintA on Instagram? Let us know! If not – follow us and let us know your handle so we can confirm!
  • O3: Attend at least one of our weekly Foster Parent Support Groups in the month of October!
  • O4: Share a post in the SaintA Foster Parents Facebook Group showcasing your family spending some quality time together! Some ideas could be a movie night, game night (we sent games in the last gift baskets!), baking cookies or sharing some other yummy snack together, etc.
  • O5: Help spread the word about Cathy’s Collection. Either re-share a SaintA post or create your own (let us know by tagging SaintA and/or sending us a screenshot).