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Your questions about ongoing training hours answered!

This information is meant to be a tool to assist foster parents with having a better understanding of the 20 ongoing training hours which are required at each re-license (after your foundation trainings are completed within your first two-years of licensure). Additional questions should be discussed in detail with your licensing worker.

  • According to HFS 56.4(3) Each foster parent who operates a Level 2 foster home shall complete 10 hours of ongoing training under s. DCF 56.14 (8) in each 12-month period of licensure subsequent to the initial licensing period.
  • According to HFS 56.14 (3) The total credit given for training using books, periodicals, and web-based resources under subd. 2. e. and television and radio presentations under subd. 2. f. may not exceed 20 percent (4 hours) of the required hours.

The difference between a web-based resource and a web-based presentation is that a web-based resource is a reading material that a foster parent would review on their own, while a web based presentation contains an interactive format that involves an interactive quality that allows for interaction from the foster parent as a participant to ask questions or receive feedback.

Other things to keep in mind….

  • Foster parents are required to keep track of their ongoing training hours and need to provide documentation of attendance, hours, date, and content of all trainings to their licensing worker. It is best to provide this information right away after completion of trainings so that they can be documented on the foster parent transcripts that are accessible through PDS.
  • The 20 hours of training is required for each person that is licensed every 2 years (following their initial licensing period).
  • The state will only allow 4 hours total (2 hours annually) required of training to be media hours. The media hours can be completed from reading books, periodicals, web-based resources, listening to podcast, television, and radio presentations. Only 2 hours of media training can be counted annually.
  • Please connect with your licensing worker to obtain the media form to complete for any media trainings hours.
  • All trainings not offered by UW-Partnership or SaintA need to be approved by the assigned Licensing Specialist and Supervisor and should be applicable to the children placed in your home during the licensing period.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can I complete ongoing trainings online since there is a pandemic?

All trainings except for 4 hours of the media training need to be interactive. Talk with your licensing worker about ideas for interactive trainings.

  • What is an interactive training?

Interactive trainings include interaction between the teacher or instructor and the person taking the class. Interaction can be both physically in-person or virtually. Again, talk with your licensing worker about specific questions about interactive trainings.

  • Can I take the foundation trainings again since I cannot find any other trainings to take that are interactive?

Talk with your licensing worker. Different circumstances may allow certain trainings to be taken again that surround a particular child.

  • I have been a foster parent for several years. Why do I need to take the trainings?

The ongoing trainings are a state requirement for foster parents. We want foster parents to benefit from the trainings they are taking. Talk with your licensing worker about ideas of trainings to take that are specific to the child(ren) that are in your home.

  • I cannot find any trainings that are interactive. Where should I look?

We would recommend using your PDS account to look for trainings offered through the UW-Partnership. You can also go online to to view trainings offered by SaintA. Please make sure that any trainings you sign up for a specific for level 2 foster parents. If you are not sure check with your licensing worker. You can also check with local churches, libraries, and other community agencies that offered child specific trainings. Check with your licensing worker to assure the trainings will count towards your ongoing hours prior to taking them.

  • I have completed ongoing trainings hours during my last re-license. Do I need to complete the training hours again?

20 hours of ongoing training hours are required at each re-licensing period. Talk with your licensing worker with any further questions.