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April/May Foster Parent Newsletter

Happy Foster Parent Appreciation Month!This month is all about you! We want to give a big thank you to all of our foster parents for loving and caring for children in need. You all do amazing work, and we can’t thank you enough.Celebrating You: Foster Parent Appreciation EventWe are so excited to be a step closer to normal. While we … Continue

February/March 2021 Newsletter

Featured Essential Ingredient: Reason to BeReason to Be creates a sense of purpose or direction for children by ensuring they are connected to family, community and culture. Maintaining a relationship to culture is important for all children as they navigate the world, and is especially important for children of color raised by white parents.Learning about Black hair, Black heroes, Black music and Black culture as a whole is … Continue

Your questions about ongoing training hours answered!

This information is meant to be a tool to assist foster parents with having a better understanding of the 20 ongoing training hours which are required at each re-license (after your foundation trainings are completed within your first two-years of licensure). Additional questions should be discussed in detail with your licensing worker.According to HFS 56.4(3) Each foster parent who operates … Continue

December 2020/ January 2021 Newsletter

Featured 7EI: RelationshipFrom the COVID19 pandemic to the difficult conversations about race and of course your personal lives that don’t stop despite the intensity of the past year, we know that 2020 has been long and challenging. At SaintA, our motto this year has been #BetterTogether. Relationships are key to mitigating trauma. Strong relationships help create resilience and shield a child from the … Continue

October/November Newsletter 2020

Featured  7EI: Regulation Regulation is a trauma informed intervention that helps kiddos mange their behavior and emotions. Practices can involve taking a moment for deep breathing and mindfulness or can be full-body activities.The kids may be doing virtual learning, in person, or a hybrid of the two right now. You may be working from home, or back to the office. … Continue

August/September 2020 Newsletter

Featured 7EI: PrevalenceThe past few months have been difficult for everyone. For people of color specifically, we’re seeing how systemic racism makes life even more complicated.People of color are disproportionally affected by COVID19. Black communities were the first to be hit hard. The number of cases in Latino neighborhoods continue to surge. And often, Native Americans aren’t even included in the data.The murders of Black individuals … Continue

5 Regulation Activities for the Family

Regulation is a trauma informed intervention that helps kiddos mange their behavior and emotions. Practices can involve taking a moment for deep breathing and mindfulness or can be full-body activities, like the ones we mention below.While many interventions for people struggling with trauma are focused on the cognitive or “thinking” parts of the brain, trauma informed interventions often prioritize emotional … Continue

How to Help Kids Understand and Heal from Trauma

Kids start to understand race and racism starting from a young age. This video, about middle schoolers talking about race, shows just how well young children can verbalize how their race has affected their experiences.Pat Parker is a Certified Social Worker, who received her Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a graduate certificate in Community Mental … Continue

10 Tips and Tricks for Homeschooling in the Next Normal

With school moving online for the time being, parents are stepping up to act as educators as well as caregivers. It is not easy, in fact, it is a unique and daunting task that everyone is learning how to navigate. Sarah Noerenberg was the former Instructional Coach at Capitol West Academy, she says, “patience, grace and resilience are key to … Continue

Current Foster Parent FAQ

At the very beginning of your fostering journey, there are some questions you may be wondering, like who are the children in foster care or how long does the licensing process take? You can find the answers to those questions in the frequently asked questions section.But once you know for sure that fostering is something you want to commit to, … Continue

Time Management in the Next Normal (for Parents Working from Home)

Brigette Rahming is SaintA’s Leadership & Talent Development Coordinator, she presented a training to foster parents on improving time management skills while working from home with their kids and family living under the same roof. If you’d like to watch the full training, the previously-recorded video is available on youtube. Before we discuss ways to manage our time, we need … Continue

Race and Equity Resources for Parents and Kids

SaintA is taking a stand in supporting Black Lives Matter and denouncing racism in any form within our agency. We will support our foster parents of color and will help our foster parents across the state on the journey toward equity for all.We know that it’s hard to talk about race. Below you will find resources and information, compiled by … Continue

How to Potty Train With 5 Easy Tricks

Potty training is a major milestone for kiddos and parents alike. It can be tricky, but experienced foster parent Nancy Montour recently shared with us her best tricks and tips to help you and your child tackle the toilet. Make potty training an “attractive” experience. The kiddos can “decorate” the toilet with stickers or get a cool potty seat or stool … Continue

June/July Newsletter 2020

Featured 7EI: Perspective shiftAs we move into a new season of adjusting to a new normal, we must continue to remind ourselves to think positively. Although summer won’t look the same without our favorite summer festivals, fairs and waterparks, we can still enjoy family time in safe and exciting ways while continuing to practice social distancing the best we can.For … Continue

April/May 2020 Newsletter

Hello SaintA Foster parent, We’re looking forward to staying connected and keeping you all informed.  Read on for more about caregiver capacity, foster parent shoutouts, training and much more!Featured 7EI This month, we’re talking about Caregiver Capacity. We’re living in a particularly stressful time with COVID-19 and physical distancing.Here’s a gentle reminder to stay focused on meeting your own needs, so that you … Continue