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Annual Celebration of Kids Adopted from Foster Care

On Friday, November 16, 2018, SaintA celebrated Milwaukee Adoption Day along with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services, Milwaukee County Children’s Court Judiciary, Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, and Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services.

The event, held at the Vel R. Phillips Justice Center, was part of National Adoption Awareness Month. It celebrates the adoption of children from foster care.  

Nineteen children got their forever homes, including 3-year old London and 16-month old Angelina, who joined the Struska family of Wauwatosa; and 2-year old Kamron, who was adopted by Rashawn McKenzie of Milwaukee. Kamron has now officially joined his three biological siblings, all of whom were previously adopted by McKenzie. London and Angelina joined 6-year old Annalisa, the biological daughter of Tim and Lori Struska. 

Parents and Children, Together, Make a Family  

In his opening remarks, the Honorable Judge M. Joseph Donald said there is no secret formula for deciding to become a forever family through adoption. “It’s just love.” 

Charmian Klyve, Division Administrator of Milwaukee Child Protective Services, said those participating in Adoption Day had “chosen each other,” and that regardless of the journey, “parents and children, together, make a family.” 

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