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About Us

Our History

SaintA has been providing out-of-home care for children since its founding as an orphanage in 1850. To learn more go to

We have been providing safe, nurturing foster homes for children with emotional, behavioral or developmental challenges since 1984. We now also provide services for relative families of children needing foster placement, basic foster care for children with minimal physical and emotional issues, as well as adoption licensing and services.

Although our administrative offices are located in Milwaukee, we license homes in surrounding counties and provide treatment foster care services throughout the state. Please contact us for community- specific information.

Fostering Philosophy

We believe foster care should be a temporary solution for children who can’t live with their biological parents because of abuse, neglect or other safety issues. We believe the best place for a child usually is with the biological family, and we embrace the concept of foster-biological co-parenting.

We work with foster parents to build and maintain relationships to support reunification, and we strive to place siblings in the same foster home whenever possible.

Some children may not be able to return home and need a more permanent placement, such as guardianship or adoption. Most children who are adopted in the state of Wisconsin are adopted by their foster parents, and they have the right to pursue adopting a child in their home if parental rights are terminated and this option becomes available.

We employ trauma informed care in all our programs, bringing hope and healing to the lives of those who have been affected by previous trauma.

For more information on foster care and adoption, please call us toll free at 855-GROW-HOPE.

Our Commitment to You

SaintA provides services to all children without discrimination on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local law. We recognize the value of diversity and our practices respect any cultural need(s) as defined by our consumers. Our Agency is committed to this statement by responding to these needs prior to enrollment and throughout the service tenure of a consumer.